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This post is part of the artistic performance The Happening on Instagram.

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Picture in Oberursel

Tasmanian Tigers (2010, oil on paper)

Hardly any other animal has inspired my imagination as much as the Tasmanian tiger.
Other than their appearance suggests, they're more closely related to kangaroos than to wolves and tigers. They're considered extinct since 1936. I wish there's still a secret refuge somewhere.❤

This is one of three oil paintings I've done so far. Maybe even the first, but I don't remember that exactly.🙈 The painting doesn't exactly match this picture. I had to hire a spy to get a photo of it. It was a gift to a person I later broke with. So I had to work out the reflections before I could publish it.📸🕵

Species in this post: Tasmanian tiger Thylacinus cynocephalus
Topic: ➟ Paintings

This post is part of the artistic performance The Happening on Instagram.

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