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­čžş Berlaar
­čîÉ Berlaar, Flanders, Belgium
Picture in Berlaar

As a witness to time and its relentless transformation, the young oak clings to its leaves. In its marcescence lies the beauty of both letting go and holding on - a reminder that the old remains rooted within us as we bravely embrace new paths of growth.­čŹéԝʴŞĆ­čî┐

Most trees shed their withered leaves at the onset of the dormant period. However, some species retain their withered leaves until the end of the dormant period, a phenomenon known as marcescence. This trait is typical for young oaks, while its occurrence in older oaks depends on the species.

The evolutionary reasons for marcescence are not clear. The tough, nutrient-poor leaves likely serve to shield the still delicate buds from being consumed. Additionally, the loud rustling sound they produce can act as a deterrent. The timing of leaf shedding also affects when essential nutrients become accessible through decomposition. Dry soils tend to retain moisture more effectively. Oak trees, in particular, demonstrate remarkable adaptation to dry and nutrient-poor soils.

Species in this post:Pedunculate oakQuercus robur

This post is part of the artistic performance The Happening on Instagram.

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