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🌞 I have always been a fan of the sun. It puts me in a good mood and I like myself best when I'm tanned. I especially love the combination of brown skin and blonde hair.

But of course you also have to be aware of the dangers. When UV radiation hits the skin, it directly damages the DNA in the cell nucleus. This can lead to mutations and thus skin cancer. The energy in the UV radiation also causes some molecules to have an unpaired electron. These free radicals look for their missing electron in their environment and can thus cause a whole chain reaction of damage.

The most effective way to protect yourself is to avoid the sun and apply sunscreen.

You can also influence cell protection through diet and a positive attitude towards life. Damaged DNA is repaired when the telomeres (the protective ends of the chromosomes) rebuild the damaged sections. How well this works depends, among other things, on the length of the telomeres, which shortens over time. The enzyme telomerase plays an important role because it can repair and even lengthen telomeres. Telomerase can be activated through a diet containing spermidine (e.g. nuts, grains, legumes).

Antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and polyphenols (e.g. many plant pigments) help to combat free radicals. The best way to get these into the cells is to increase their bioavailability. Other plant substances such as piperine, quercetin and apigenin increase cell permeability and thus enable better development of the positive effects. It is important to note here if you are considering supplementing yourself heavily with antioxidants: too many antioxidants are also not healthy because they reduce oxidative stress, which is needed for many cellular processes.

It is also helpful to pay attention to the optimal fatty acid ratio and in particular to consume sufficient amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which are so valuable for the skin.

The personal attitude to life is greatly underestimated but, according to current studies, also has a major influence on cell aging. It has been shown that our cell age is not constant, but is rejuvenated by an optimistic mood.

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This post is part of the artistic performance The Happening on Instagram.

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