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Agriculture is an essential human activity closely linked to biocultural diversity. It includes the production of food, fiber, fuel and other plant or animal products through the targeted management of soil, water and plant or animal populations. Agricultural practices vary depending on region, climate, soil type and cultural background.

Traditional agricultural methods and local varieties contribute to the preservation of biocultural diversity by preserving and promoting the genetic diversity of crops and livestock. They are often based on a deep understanding of the local environment and long-term adaptation to local conditions. This traditional knowledge is an important part of the cultural heritage of many communities and can help address challenges such as climate change.

However, modern agricultural practices also have negative impacts on biocultural diversity. Monocultures, the use of pesticides and herbicides, and the intensification of animal husbandry can lead to loss of biodiversity, soil erosion and water pollution. They can also reduce the genetic diversity of crops and livestock and increase dependence on a few high-performance varieties.

A sustainable approach to agriculture is therefore crucial to maintain and promote biocultural diversity. This includes promoting agroecological practices that reduce the use of chemical inputs and focus on strengthening natural resources and ecological processes. In addition, supporting small farmers and local communities in maintaining traditional agricultural practices and the diversity of agricultural systems is of great importance.

Overall, agriculture illustrates the close interconnection between human culture, ecological processes and agricultural production. Their sustainable management is crucial for maintaining biocultural diversity and ensuring sustainable and equitable food production for future generations.


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