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This post is part of the artistic performance The Happening on Instagram.

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Originally, Will Smith was to take the lead role in the movie Matrix. He refused. But Keanu Reeves found the role of his life with Neo. The filming of the fourth part will begin next year. Also in this sequel Reeves is to play Neo again. But why always human?

I have another idea:

The machines are defeated and all humans are free. So far, the pet matrix is ​​undiscovered. Of course, even the best friend of man, the leopard gecko, is treacherously used as a battery! They also live in an artificial reality and have no idea what really happens.
But there is a young gecko woman, Leo, with a strange idea. She's looking over the Tail Vibration Net for an answer to the constant feeling of having bugs in the walls. A mysterious vibration one day advises her to follow the white cricket. When Leo finally hears it chirping, she locates the cricket and follows her instinct not to catch it. The walls are more interesting.
It's as if dream and reality were merging. Leo can see huge bugs through the walls. They are in the walls!

A loud chirping tears Leo out of this vision. Now one cricket has become two.
"You can not get one without others!", Crickets chuckle and run away.

Leo can not react that fast.

As she thinks about what the crickets meant, she gets hungry. Bugs in the walls, fooled by crickets, nervous breakdown!
The reality collapses! A world appears in which everything is open. Where questions were, answers are now. There is no spoon!
Leo splits into several geckos and eats through the buggy walls. The two crickets have no chance! Full eaten, Leo sinks into a deep sleep.

When she awakes, she barely dares her eyes ...

Species in this post:Common leopard geckoEublepharis macularius
Topics:➟ Geckos➟ Video art

This post is part of the artistic performance The Happening on Instagram.

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Creator of this post is Frederic Hilpert

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