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Common leopard gecko

Eublepharis macularius

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Picture of common leopard gecko


Zoological classification

Name:Common leopard gecko
Species:Eublepharis macularius


No newts, yet sexy!

Leopardgeckos - Eublepharis macularius

My leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius)
Arsinoë, Loki and Bruce.

Leopard geckos are most active at twilight and night. You can also see them sunbathing during the day.

New picture every minute
Leopard Gecko Almost Live Cam

The terrarium has a size of 120*60*60 cm. In the front right you can see the entrance to a wet box. Inside is moist coconut soil. The geckos like to go there to prepare for their moult or to lay their eggs.

Real Time Terrarium Data

The sun will set in 25 minutes.

Current time: 5:53 PM
Current temperature (⌀): 27.1°C | 80.7°F
Target temperature (⌀): 27.4°C | 81.3°F
Difference to target temperature (⌀/24h): ± 2.6°C | 4.8°F
Humidity: 53%
Sunrise: at 6:32 AM
Sunset: at 6:18 PM
Warmest temperature (⌀): 29.8°C | 85.6°F
Warmest time of today: at 3:21 PM
Coolest temperature (⌀): 15.4°C | 59.7°F
Coolest time of today: at 6:37 AM
Lighting: ▶ turned on
Heating: ✗ turned off
Cooling: ✗ turned off
Heating duration (24h): 48 min
(≈0.104 kWh/d)
Cooling duration (24h): 16 h 50 min
(≈0.048 kWh/d)
Room temperature: 21.9°C | 71.4°F
Outside temperature
at the current time
in Oberursel, Germany:
13.3°C | 55.9°F
Outside temperature
at the appropriate time
in Hyderabad, Pakistan:
21.9°C | 71.4°F
The data marked with ⌀ is the arithmetic mean of the highest and lowest temperature in the terrarium. The values are based on the historical average temperatures in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Although temperature peaks do occur in nature, they often lead to suffering and death in the natural life of wild animals. In the wild, the cold-blooded animals find numerous hiding places with the right conditions. These include, for example, abandoned rodent burrows or cavities between and under stones. As soil dwellers, they are exposed to the natural cooling capacity of the soil (evaporative cooling) and in winter the heat capacity of the soil comes into play. In a terrarium you try to reproduce the natural habitat of the inhabitants as well as possible and you have to take this into account.
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The leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) is a species of the Eublepharidae family. It is native to the arid regions of the Middle East and South Asia. The nocturnal and twilight-active animals spend the day in caves, under stones and in other hiding places. Their diet consists of insects that they hunt on the ground. They are solitary and live in small territories. In some natural locations, however, there are also larger gatherings of several animals.
Leopard geckos are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs. The females lay two eggs each several times a year, which they bury in a small pit. The young hatch after about a month. The young animals are immediately independent and can take care of themselves.



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