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About me


A bit about me

Picture of me
Name: Frederic Hilpert
Age: 38 human years
Origin: Germany
Languages: German, English

Why I'm megagroundsloth

Frederic Hilpert

I am a German artist and micro influencer from Oberursel in Germany. My work focuses on the concept of biocultural diversity and the consequent interaction between art and science. I demonstrate this by making unnoticed animals like insects, spiders and reptiles the central subject of my work. I want to show that there are biological and cultural peculiarities in the perception of our natural environment, that there are direct consequences for biodiversity and our lives and that these connections can be broken up and rearranged through education and awareness. I believe in people's ability to participate in this sloth-fast happening, to draw from their own resources and to perfect themselves through creativity. It represents an attempt to create points of contact and a new way of understanding. For this purpose I have built up a large reach with my Instagram account megagroundsloth.

There I present my works of classical painting, drawing, digital photography, video art, image manipulation and artificial intelligence in the form of an intermedial performance. The viewers can react to my posts and exchange ideas with me. I achieve my goal of presenting complex scientific concepts in an accessible and engaging way by combining human experiences with images from nature. The artistic component lies in the clever use of language and images to not only convey information but also to create an emotional or aesthetic effect. The memorable design is intended to arouse interest and create a deeper connection to the topic. It is a fusion of art and science, with the aim of presenting scientific content in a captivating and inspiring way.

Mega Ground Sloth

But why the giant sloth?

In a world characterized by speed and movement, the giant sloth embodies a unique symbiosis of grace and deliberation. Beneath the veil of its majestic slowness lies a profound symbol for the impermanence of biocultural diversity.

Like the giant sloth, which steadfastly finds its own rhythm, my art transcends the boundaries of the familiar. In my performance, I unite performing and visual elements to celebrate the rich spectrum of life – from the splendor of nature's colors to the diversity of human expressions.

Yet behind the facade of comfort lies an urgent message. The giant sloth reminds us of the inertia that sometimes paralyzes us, while also urging us to mindfulness. Just as biocultural diversity, we too are subject to an unstoppable change that threatens to engulf us if we do not actively advocate for its preservation.

In my works, the hyperfocus and introversion of the giant sloth are revealed. Like it tirelessly digs its tunnels, I also delve deep into the layers of life to unveil new perspectives. And like the sloth moths in its fur, which serve as a dark-colored counterpart to "butterflies in the stomach," my works also make diversity flourish – in all its facets and colors.

What makes me do art

The dinosaurs are not extinct.
With about 10,000 living species,
they still make up the largest group within
the terrestrial vertebrate group today.
At least one of them lives in my head.

(and makes me do art)

Who I am

I live in Oberursel, a city in Hesse, nestled between the picturesque Taunus panorama and the impressive Frankfurt skyline. I have successfully completed my training as a technical assistant for information processing and additionally trained as a media designer for digital and print. Despite the challenges posed by my concentration disorder during school, of which I only became aware at the age of 20, I see many positive aspects in my life. My AD(H)D gives me a unique perspective, including hyperfocus and above-average creativity.

As a self-employed web developer ( and artist, I work on turning my challenges into strengths. My passion for animals and art flows into my artistic work, where I express my love for nature and wildlife in my creations. I believe that my personal experiences and the desire to create connections and make an impact contribute significantly to who I am today. I would like to discuss my deepest motivations and share with others the numerous experiences that have shaped me. Nevertheless, out of respect and decency, there are limits to what I can discuss openly.

During my free time, I take care of my pets. I have a corn snake, several leopard geckos, a Madagascar day gecko, and a Chilean rose tarantula. Because I am known for my love and knowledge of animals, all these animals have found their way to me because their previous owners could no longer take care of them. Additionally, I enjoy spending a lot of time in nature and like to travel around by bike, or bus and train, to gain new impressions. I read a lot to acquire knowledge and often engage in discussions for hours with AI programs while enjoying a cozy evening in front of the television. That can be comedy, a good feature film, or a documentary. I like memory and logic games - for example, I can memorize all elements of the periodic table and 240 decimal places of Pi. I enjoy writing and practicing philosophical reflections. Due to my sensory overload, which is related to my AD(H)D, I avoid busy places and thus maintain a rather quiet lifestyle shaped by personal adventures.

What I like

Common Sense
Trust me, I know exactly what I'm doing.

You have to have it!

Closeness to Nature
Singularity baby, singularity!

Without it, there is no progress.

Eye Contact
The gateway to the soul. Do you let me in?

Good Music
One of the most beautiful things in the world.

You don't have to understand the world,
you just have to find your way around.

Even if it's just a smile ...

You want yourself too, right?

I like to think out of the box.

Now it's the right moment: Write to me!

Should be first, but I moved it.

People who influenced me in a positive way

I think a lot of people
influenced me in some way.

Having outstanding personalities in the family
always has some special influence
on personal development.

This can be good.

The people I am introducing to you
have given my imagination space to grow.
I neither identify with these people,
nor do I want to be like them.
But they inspire me to stay steadily
on my way to my self-realization.


Gabriele Hilpert

My grandmother
Gabriele Hilpert (née Kortokraks)
and our joint tutor Dieter Schiele.

My grandma wasn't famous,
but her animal portraits,
which she painted using make-up,
made it into the newspaper several times.

Together we visited
Dieter Schiele's painting school.

A hunting and horse painter
who has dedicated himself to
"Old Masters" realism art.
I had the privilege to attend his courses for free.


He is a great-nephew of
the famous expressionist Egon Schiele.

Egon Schiele



Werner Hilpert

My great grandpa
Dr. Werner Hilpert,

although I never got to know him personally,
he always served as a role model.

His moral steadfastness
was groundbreaking.

He risked his life to do the right thing.
At a time, when the masses
were being seduced by the Nazis,
he not only offered resistance,
but together with others
laid the foundations
for a new and free Germany.



Rudolf Kortokraks

My great-uncle
Rudolf Kortokraks,

who was a famous German painter
with a very authentic style.
His paintings depict still life (particularly flowers), landscapes, cities and portraits.

For him,
art was always in the foreground,
never money.

I never got to know him personally and for
a long time I didn't even know about his existence.
But when I look at his work
and read about his life,
I feel connected to him.

Although he had no influence on me initially, as I did not know him, I recognize in his principles my own, which have developed independently in similar directions. The personal touch was reinforced when in 2024 his two daughters contacted me and sent photos of my grandmother as a child, whom I knew from our own family album. In that respect, this family relationship is certainly a great inspiration.

Rudolf Kortokraks (1928-2014) was a German painter and art teacher, known for his contributions to visual arts and his association with the "School of Seeing" (Schule des Sehens). Kortokraks was a student of Oskar Kokoschka and later taught at the Summer Academy in Salzburg, which was founded by Kokoschka.

The "School of Seeing", initiated by Oskar Kokoschka, is an approach to art education that emphasizes direct observation and the intuitive grasp of reality. Here are some of the core principles of this school:

Direct Perception:
Central to the philosophy is the ability to see and capture the visual world. Students are encouraged to develop their skills in observing the world around them with fresh eyes and to authentically depict what they see.

Emotional Experience:
Alongside visual perception, emotional experience plays a crucial role. Art should not only represent what is seen but also convey the artist's inner feelings and reactions.

Individual Expression:
The "School of Seeing" promotes personal style and individual expression. There are no rigid rules or prescribed styles; artists are encouraged to find their own paths and realize their own visions.

Intensive Nature Studies:
Nature and reality are key sources of inspiration. A deep engagement with nature and a careful study of forms, colors, and light are central to the practice.

Holistic Learning:
Art is seen as an integral part of human life and thought. Interdisciplinary approaches and the interplay of art with other areas of life are encouraged.

Rudolf Kortokraks adopted and expanded these principles in his own teaching. He was known for his rigorous teaching style and high expectations for discipline and dedication from his students. His work is characterized by strong realism and an intense exploration of light and color, reflecting the principles of the "School of Seeing".




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