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Welcome to the Jungle!

Have fun on my website about biocultural diversity!

artistic representation of a giant sloth

Here you get an insight into my creative work, my discoveries, the love of nature and facts worth knowing. Of course, my dear animals are also in the spotlight and I give you more insights into my life. The pictures and videos are rarely new. However, I have almost always revised them and let my current mood flow into them as well as into the words. Since February 2019 I have already published 788 posts with a total of 1,196 pictures and videos.

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Three pictures of Frederic Hilpert (in a wheat field, holding his leopardgeckos and painting a painting of a snake and a butterfly)

I am a German artist and micro influencer from Oberursel in Germany. My work focuses on the concept of biocultural diversity and the consequent interaction between art and science.

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What is biocultural diversity?

Learn about the importance of biocultural diversity: why it matters, how it affects our environment, its influence on our well-being, successful conservation projects and how we can promote it.

Biocultural Diversity


Some of my works are available for purchase. Feel free to send me an inquiry if you're interested. The proceeds from sales support this project. Thank you for your interest!

Fertility (2012) Hold My Hand (2021) Forest Witch (2023)
Mealworm Building (2015) The Travel Bug (+) (2019) Take Your Time (2019)
all my artwork


Animals are fascinating, many can be kept as pets. Each animal has its own requirements. Beyond the species-typical requirements, each individual has its own characteristics that need to be recognized and taken into account. This applies to dogs as well as to horses, scorpions and geckos and all other animals.

You have to have enough time and interest for that. Some animals like to interact with humans, others are just there to watch. Because I show my animals here, this can of course create an incentive to get such animals as well. However, the fact that almost all of my animals have been adopted by me proves that such purchases are often made imprudently. I'll still share my joy in animals with you, but I'm concerned that this will give off harmful impulses.

Please do not only inform yourself, but also consider whether you can and want to be there for the animals in the long term (lifelong). And please also make provisions for what happens to the animals if something happens to you (accident, illness, death).

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Picture of me

As the developer and operator of this website, I attach great importance to a user-friendly and barrier-free offer with added value. I do my best to live up to this claim. I am happy to receive questions and suggestions regarding the technical implementation.


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